Dear Gossips,

Yesterday was Will Smith’s birthday. He spent it in Budapest, Jada was there, and also DJ Jazzy Jeff. It looked like it was a huge party while promoting his new movie, Gemini Man. 


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Earlier this week, Will made headlines for his poo schedule. Now that is the kind of Will Smith content I’m here for, especially on MY birthday, which is today. And I’m a birthday whore. I’m the person who announced days ago what I expected of my family and friends, that they should be blowing up my phone and social with birthday wishes. I’m also the person who turns a birthday into a birthWEEKEND so…not going to lie… I might be slightly less productive the next couple of days. 

But first, on my birthday, we talk about poo. Will Smith’s poo. He says he can go three days without taking a sh-t…and I can’t tell if he’s proud of it? Also he’s never, or rarely, sh-ts twice in a day. This happened on Red Table Talk. I, too, can go three days without sh-tting but I don’t consider it a skill. I don’t want to be skilled in sh-t withholding, but that’s just how my body works and I hate it. I want to be the person who can poo on cue whose bellies are never distended because their sh-t won’t come. I married one. Jacek has a gift, seriously. He can go any time, anywhere. And please, whatever you’re about to recommend, I’ve tried it, I’m telling you, this is just how I’m built: full of sh-t. Ha.

Will has also shared with us that while he’s an infrequent sh-tter, he’s a constant pisser. OMG me too! My bladder is SO small. I am constantly going through life managing my pee schedule because I have to pee so much but I won’t just pee anywhere. Is all of this a Libra thing? 


Yours in gossip,