Three times in one week! It’s a Friday miracle! Keanu Reeves has been unusually visible this week, starting the week at the airport, being everyone’s unproblematic fave, then he popped up at the British Grand Prix, and now he’s back in New York, walking hand-in-hand with his partner, Alexandra Grant. Look at them, two tall lowkey babes, one bright color between them. May we all carry this serene energy into the weekend.


We might see more of Keanu this month, as he voices Batman in DC League of Super-Pets coming out later this month, but John Wick Chapter 4 isn’t due until next year, so unless he hits the red carpet for his animated Bat-turn, it’s going to be a light Keanu year. That means we have to enjoy Keanu whenever we can, because he’s one of those celebrities who does a pretty good job of vanishing when he wants to (randoms with cellphone cameras catch him more than paparazzi do). Maybe a three-Keanu week is some kind of omen, a hint of good vibes coming our wa—oh, nope, everything is still sh-t. Just enjoy the brief respite of Three Keanu.