Once upon a time there was a prince. The prince was de-princed a few years ago and now it’s been revealed that he’s the father of a secret love child with a woman he denied having a relationship with. The ex-prince’s relationship to his daughter was confirmed via forced paternity. Can’t wait to see how that conversation goes down once the child gets older. (Dlisted) 

Taron Egerton reading thirst tweets is adorable. He has a sense of humour about it. He also has a lot of opinions about his own ass. Not sure what his opinions about his thighs are but they come up a lot. I wish thirst tweets and the reading of them was around in the Twilight era because I would have wanted to see this happen with Robert Pattinson. Those Twi-Hards are the OG thirsters of this decade. (Pajiba) 

During the post-game press conference last night, Draymond Green conducted a vocabulary lecture, explaining the definition of the word “scuffle”. Whatever went down between him and Drake, it was not a “scuffle”. How about… “heated exchange”? (TMZ) 
Nicole Kidman does look really cute in this outfit – a long pink dress under a black and white belted blazer. I keep wanting to try this belting blazer look but I don’t know if I have the height for it. Do you need height for it? What looks good on Nicole Kidman, who is 6 ft tall, is not going to look the same on me. I am a full 9 inches shorter. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Reese Witherspoon is into drugstore striplashes. I have a hard time with striplashes. I feel like it’s making your eyelids lift weights. Individual lashes, for me, are much easier. I work with women who have a lot of eyelash endurance and it’s amazing to me, how they can keep a pair of (higher end) striplashes on, sometimes DOUBLE, for an entire weekend! (Cele|bitchy) 

If you’ve been following the NBA, you’re familiar with the term “Jurassic Park”. It’s not a movie franchise, but the square outside the arena where the Toronto Raptors play – and every time there’s a game, Jurassic Park is overflowing with fans. Sometimes Drake stops by to fire up the crowd. Jurassic Park has been extended during the playoffs. It’s normally half a block. It’s now four whole ass blocks. I was down there last night and the energy is amazing. Here’s a fun essay about what it’s like to watch a game there. (The Ringer)