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The Emmy Award nominations will be announced on Thursday. In the Best Drama Actress category, Elisabeth Moss is the lead contender for her work in The Handmaid’s Tale. The Crown’s Claire Foy is up there too. The name that’s missing from the list: Tatiana Maslany, of Orphan Black. The show, now in its final season, premiered too late to make the Emmy deadline. So Tatiana, who is the reigning best actress in a drama, will not be around for a repeat and it won’t be until 2018 when she’ll be eligible for consideration… at which point it will have been a year since people watched Orphan Black and, as you know, the way these things go, it’s whatever’s fresh and top of mind.

That said, around the time of the Emmys, we’ll be seeing Tatiana at the movies, in Stronger, with Jake Gyllenhaal. Given Stronger’s release date (September 22), I wonder if it’ll have a festival presence,  perhaps in Toronto, at TIFF. If the film delivers critically, there’s a possibility that it could be part of the Oscar conversation. And should that happen, Tatiana could remain front and centre through the season until we cycle back around to Emmy talk in the spring…but then we’ll probably be obsessing over whatever happens to be the new Big Little Lies or Handmaid’s Tale. The perils of Peak TV, first world problems.

Awards, of course, aren’t everything. Awards for awards sake, that is. What awards also represent though is recognition. And even though Tatiana won the Emmy last year, I’m not sure she’s as celebrated as she ought to be. Last week, Matt Zoller Seitz, in a piece for Vulture, declared Tatiana Maslany “the best actress on TV”, using several scenes from over 5 seasons of Orphan Black to illustrate how what she’s doing on the show is nothing short of extraordinary:

“I’m tempted to call it higher math, but it’s more like she’s custom-building her own Rubik’s Cube and then manipulating it with such lightning speed that, by the end of each episode of Orphan Black, she’s got six solid sides again.”

Can you imagine? Can you imagine having your work described like that? Like …astronaut math? Don’t we all want to be that good in something?

Here's Tatiana at Kimmel last month.

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