Taylor Swift was finally seen in New York on Friday – the photos aren’t great but it’s clearly her. You’ll recall, last week a photo agency claimed that Taylor was hiding in suitcases while leaving her NY apartment so as to avoid being photographed. That agency subsequently had to retract the report after getting a call from Taylor’s reps. That said, she evidently was in New York. And has managed to go in and out of her apartment without being seen until the other day, when the paps decided to post up in front of the building and in the back. Which is where Taylor was shot again yesterday, covered up, but joined by Joe Alwyn, also covered up. At least it looks like him from the side, under that hoodie?

So they’re still together. And they’ve been able to be together, pretty undercover, most of the time, for most of their relationship – now going on at least 8 months, since that’s when they were initially seen together in the fall of 2016. Taylor will likely continue to maintain a low profile at least for another month or so, if not more, because her case against that DJ is coming up in a couple of weeks. She’s expected to testify in the trial that starts on August 7th which, presumably, is one of the (many) reasons she’s remained so quiet for so long. You don’t want to show up on Instagram dancing at the party a day or two before court. In a perfect world, if things were fair, and women in particular weren’t judged by a different standard, especially in sexual harassment cases, sure. But, as we’ve seen over and over again, that’s not how things work.