Taylor Lautner is talking about the time Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift because I guess it’s been lost in the whole story that he was also onstage. That incident is its own legend at this point and, sure, if there was to be, one day, an oral history of what happened, I’m sure Taylor Lautner’s perspective would be included but… the person we all really want to hear from who we have never really heard from is… Beyoncé. But also, she would never. (Dlisted) 


Gina Gershon really is doing the most with her all-red look here. And it’s not that there’s too much red, it’s that some of the red elements just aren’t well executed. I don’t think that’s the right tone of redin her shoes. A patent red shoe would have been an improvement. Maybe also a different red earring? The dangly earrings don’t quite work with the fringe off the shoulder. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Prince Andrew via the British tabloids is threatening Virginia Giuffre with a lawsuit if she keeps talking about how he allegedly victimised her as part of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking operation. Good look! (Cele|bitchy) 

Somehow Stephen Colbert got Harrison Ford to talk about Jason Segel’s penis? Or not talk about it? (Pajiba) 

I LOVE a croissant. A croissant, to me, is already perfect… which is why I don’t really f-ck with a chocolate croissant. This is apparently the best chocolate croissant in LA. And yet, I think if I went there I’d ask for a plain one. Am I a basic bitch? (La Eater)