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Joe Alwyn is the new face of Prada’s Ascension campaign. Aptly named, non? A year ago Joe was the rising star lead of Ang Lee’s overhyped and underwhelming Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk which was supposed to be an Oscar contender with new technology and camera work, until it came out and everybody was like… yeah, but the movie itself isn’t that great? 

Still, Joe’s work on the film was widely praised and since then, he’s worked non-stop, while dating Taylor Swift. Prada released the images a week before Taylor’s reputation comes out, capitalising on the fact that, so far, three songs off the album are about him, including one about how Gorgeous he is. A smart business decision on their part then; her fans are so devoted, they’ll spend on Prada just to support her. Will she start wearing more Prada to support him? 

Even though Joe’s involved with one of the most famous women in the world, for the most part, because Taylor has the resources to keep her movements undercover, he’s been able to stay pretty low-key through the course of their relationship so far. Pretty much the exact opposite of Tom Hiddleston who, from the moment they first danced, started preening in front of the cameras to make sure we knew that he was her boyfriend. We don’t know then how Joe’s handling the scrutiny of dating Taylor Swift. But this Prada campaign is an indication of how he and his team are managing his career. He has three films due out next year, two of them seem high profile. There’s The Favourite, starring Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone and Mary Queen Of Scots with Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie. Both sound like sure festival entries with award season potential. And that doesn’t include the film he’s been shooting recently, Boy Erased, directed by Joel Edgerton and starring Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe. So the quality of the acting work is there. And now it’s being balanced by brand partnership. 

These campaign images though…especially the one where he’s looking straight to camera…


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At best it’s the expression of a sullen boy who doesn’t like what he got for Christmas. At worst, it’s the pale sickly creep little boy character in a horror movie silently standing in the corner of the room, watching everything. This doesn’t make me want to spray cologne. It makes me want to reach for the holy water. 


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