The iHeartRadio Music Awards took place yesterday in LA and since Taylor Swift just spent the weekend nearby on tour in Vegas, she was there to accept the Innovator Award and I don’t think this is debatable at this point. 


Taylor Swift is a talented and prolific songwriter; she is an undisputed hitmaker, releasing six albums (four original) in the last five years; she’s basically created her own metaverse. And she’s just made history (again): 


Before Taylor accepted her award (she also won Song of the Year for “Anti-Hero”), a video was played featuring Dolly Parton, Selena Gomez, and others in the industry talking about why Taylor has been such a force. 


Taylor’s acceptance speech was all about how innovation happens. I appreciate that she made a point of saying that a lot of what she does is not innovative, in fact it doesn’t work at all. It’s a reminder that what precedes innovation is often failure. That “dumb ideas” are what lead you to “good ideas”. Too often we get stuck on just coming up with the good idea but the good ideas can’t exist without the dumb ones getting out first. 



Speaking of good ideas though – this outfit on Taylor is a great idea. I think it might be the best outfit she’s worn, in my opinion anyway, in years. This is an Alexandre Vauthier set and we’ve seen a lot of these soft hoods lately, there were a couple at the Oscars, so Taylor’s on trend. Curious to know, when you’ve been in one of these all night, whether or not your neck hurts. Because I can imagine you’d want to hold your head as still as possible so as not to ruin the look. That’s how it would be for me.