Taylor Swift & Katy Perry: it’s really over

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I don’t think anyone needs me to recap why Taylor Swift and Katy Perry stopped being friends. But I’ll give you two words: “Bad Blood”. 

“Bad Blood” is old though, because last year, just as Taylor was kicking off the reputation tour, Katy sent her an olive branch and Taylor put it on Instagram stories, and we all crossed that beef off our gossip lists.

Still, it didn’t mean they were having sleepovers. It just meant they were done hating on each other publicly. Now, though, they really could be having sleepovers. 

Katy liked a photo of Taylor and her new cat on Twitter yesterday. And then Taylor added Katy’s new song, just released last night called “Never Really Over”, to her playlist, in the 13th position. As we all know, that’s Taylor’s favourite number. So it’s a place of honour. Which is why stans are losing their sh-t, speculating now about an upcoming collaboration, reading into whatever clues about it they may have missed, if there are even any clues at all. 

Is the overall aesthetic a clue? Taylor’s new era is all rainbows and sparkles, pastels and toy stories. See the “ME!” video. Curiously, Katy’s video for “Never Really Over” kinda has the same vibe? It’s definitely in the same colour family. It feels dreamy and floaty and Katy’s hair sort of looks like Taylor’s too. Not that blonde shoulder-length hair is the exclusive domain of Taylor Swift, but Katy, known for so many hair changes, happens to be wearing her hair in the style that we almost always picture on Taylor. 

That said, while Taylor’s “ME!” feels more like it happens in a candy factory, Katy’s doing her colours of the rainbow outside, the hippie wellness goop version to Taylor’s digital happy happy joy indoor warehouse. Katy’s version is reminding me of that upcoming horror movie, Midsommer starring Florence Pugh. A little culty, non? 

As for “Never Really Over”, I’ve listened to the song twice. I think I might like it more than anything I heard on Witness, but it’s probably too soon to say. I do, however, like this lyric: 

I can’t even go on the internet without even checking your name 

That’s a personal admission that’s probably very relatable to people listening, the key to a good line in a song. 

Attached - Taylor Swift working out in LA today and Katy Perry at a fan event a couple of days ago. 

Backgrid, Lester Cohen/ Getty Images

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