Taylor Swift wore Versace at the MTV VMAs last night. I like this dress, especially from the back…

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj greet each other during the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards at the Prudential Center on September 12, 2023 in Newark, New Jersey

…but I prefer her look for the after-party, this flirty denim mini-dress with different washes in the skirt to make it look like it’s pleated but it’s not. At least I don’t think so, I’ve done several zooms, but my eyes might be f-cked. Or let’s not blame my eyes but on the intention of the design. It was made this way to give you that illusion, to keep you wondering. And that’s why the piece is special – because it comes with its own game. 

Taylor Swift is seen backstage during the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards at Prudential Center on September 12, 2023 in Newark, New Jersey

Taylor won almost everything at the VMAs… which probably isn’t a surprise. If she shows up, there’s the expectation that she will win. That’s typically how the VMAs work, and it’s not like MTV wants to piss off Taylor. She knows she was attending her own coronation. 

What I do appreciate about Taylor’s attendance though is that when she commits to going, she’s there. Because she knows and we all know that when she goes to an award show, she can also be the show itself. The way she cheers from the audience, sings along with all the performances – we’ve been watching her at award shows for almost 15 years, it’s classic award show behaviour from Taylor. The only difference now is that she does performs this behaviour with a drink in hand. 

As for the drama that was built up between her and Olivia Rodrigo… 


No fuel here, at least not from Taylor. She was seen applauding for Olivia ahead of her performance and, so far at least, there hasn’t been any gossip about beef extension from any of the parties. 

There IS, however, gossip about Taylor that has nothing to do with girl drama. And maybe that’s a deliberate distraction but the streets are saying that she has a new man in her life: Travis Kelce. Travis was at one of her shows in the summer and tried to meet her. He said that he even made a friendship bracelet with his number on it to give to her but he wasn’t granted permission to meet her. 

Now there are rumours that they’ve been “hanging out” so even though he wasn’t able to actually exchange numbers when he had initially wanted to, the fact that he told the story of it, on his podcast, was ostensibly enough to get her attention. So the bracelet, I guess, worked. 


ET is pumping the breaks on the story though with a source who says that they’re “not officially dating”. If the only thing a source will say is that they’re “not officially dating”, and it’s not accompanied by a full-blown denial about a situationship, well, then it’s a situationship. Which makes sense. The NFL season just started, I don’t know how much time Travis has to date. And Taylor resumes her tour in November. So if they truly are “hanging out”, then we know what this is and, well, I love that for her. Because at this stage in her life, she should have a hit-it-and-quit-it era. And a professional athlete is a perfect hit-it-and-quit-it candidate.