This post is supposed to be about Taylor Swift’s new video. In the coming weeks and probably months, because reputation is COMING, there will probably be a lot of posts a lot of places about Taylor Swift’s new videos. And everyone will have to find new ways to say old things. So for this post about this video, warning, sorry, I’m going to make it about me. Get Ready For It.

As many are pointing out, Taylor’s borrowing from Ghost In The Shell and Tron and Blade Runner. Mostly though, I see Star Wars and Harry Potter. Darth Taylor Potter thinks she can trap Taylor Horsewalker Voldemort in a box. But the love and light side of the magic force always wins. Which means that Taylor will always rise above the sh-t that we all talk about her. Or, no, wait. Maybe what it means is that the old evil Taylor that took out all the old Taylors in Look What You Made Me Do has been brought down by the Original Taylor, the levitating Taylor whose energy beams radiate from within. Which in turn means that she’s “ready” to move past the vendettas and the pettiness and, with the release of reputation in 2 weeks, welcome a new era of bright positivity. Are you Ready For It?

I’ll tell you what I’m ready for: SUNSHINE.

These last two videos have been all Zack Snyder DC dark universe. What is it that Sarah calls it? Grimverse? Can we please be over the Taylor Grimverse? I’ll keep the cape – because it’s pretty amazing – but I find it embarrassing when she tries to be of the underworld. Like when Ivanka Trump claimed she went through a “punk phase”.

Taylor’s embedded a lot of her usual “easter eggs” in her faux Grimverse. Many of those eggs are dedicated to her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Some of those Joe references are in Chinese. There’s actually a lot of Chinese in this video. The Chinese character for “forever”, written in white, sits right above her name in the opening frame.  

And then there’s this:

So it’s a full embrace of the Snake. The Snake of the Chinese Zodiac. If you’ve been reading this site a while, you know the Chinese Zodiac is a big part of this blog. Has Taylor been reading this blog? Taylor was born a 1989 Snake. Which I’ve been writing about for years, connecting her behaviour and her celebrity to her Snake-ness. Back in 2015, well before Kim Kardashian’s snake emojis and receipts, I was posting about Taylor’s Snake origins. Understanding Snake essence is the key to understanding Taylor. We need to add a Chinese Zodiac class to our Faculty of Celebrity Studies.

The forecast for Snakes during this, the Year of the Rooster, was very, very positive. Snakes are one of the four luckiest signs of the Chinese Zodiac during the Rooster of 2017. Taylor Snake’s usual album cycle is every two years. That’s why everyone was expecting her to release a new album in 2016. Last year, however, was only average for Snakes and it was recommended – by my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken – that Snakes would do best to dedicate 2016 to the “harvesting of luck”. Taylor Snake has been harvesting. Taylor Swift… is a believer in Chinese astrology? Oh my God, what have I done?