Two weeks ago, Taylor Swift made headlines for her voter registration appeal and revealing exactly who she would be voting for in Tennessee. She followed up at the American Music Awards with a reminder to her fans to get out and vote. And yesterday she posted a note on Instagram about early voting:


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Taylor, as her fans know, has to vote early. The US midterm elections are on November 6. That day, Taylor will be performing her last of four stops in Australia. She just arrived in Perth today ahead of her show tomorrow night. I like the way she timed her PSA to align with her schedule. It makes the message that much more organic – not that there’s any “right” time to encourage people to vote. But also, this makes it personal and that’s the tone she’s always performing for her supporters. The senate race between Marsha Blackburn (Taylor said she’s appalled and terrified by her voting record) and Phil Bredesen (the candidate Taylor’s voting for) is reportedly really close. It’ll be interesting to see what the result of the election will be in Tennessee and whether or not the Taylor Swift Effect is a real thing or an overblown headline.

In other Taylor news, now that she’s in Australia… 

Is this the first time she’s been back in Australia since – what? I remember. Oh I remember. 

It was July 2016, a couple of days after #Taymerica, the last one on record, when Taylor and Tom Hiddleston arrived in Australia together as he started work on Thor: Ragnarok on the Gold Coast. Ten days later, when Taylor was still in Australia with Tom, Kim Kardashian West unloaded. Taylor was in Australia on the Day of the Receipts. She was in Australia when she asked to be “excluded from this narrative”. You might say that several songs off of reputation were inspired by what happened when she was in Australia. I wonder if she’s going to make reference to that. Let us know if you’re going tomorrow!