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You watched The Handmaid’s Tale, right? And you remember Aunt Lydia? Aunt Lydia was played to perfection by Ann Dowd. But I wonder, if Activist Mommy had submitted a tape to the casting director, if there would have been a major casting debate. Because, my GOD, this woman is like a real life Aunt Lydia. By the way, this is the Teen Vogue (NSFW) article she’s so pissed about. I’ve read it 15 times. (Dlisted) 

Where is Taylor Swift? Taylor skipped #Taymerica. She’s been social media missing. Does she still have bangs? Does she still wear red lipstick? Taylor is determined to stay undercover until her trial against that former DJ in August….to the point where some people think she’s being transported inside luggage now. Seriously. Supposedly she’s inside this case. Which, I’m having a hard time believing. But also? She went underground for months. And the only time we’ve heard from her is to find out that she has a new boyfriend and that she’s making her music available on the same day Katy Perry dropped her album. Not so coincidental anymore. PS. Do you know what today is? It’s the one year anniversary of the Day Of The Receipts! (Jezebel) 

Zendaya and Tom Holland may or may not be dating. And they tried to be all like “haha these magazines are foolin!” on social media but, as Kathleen pointed out the other day, if it wasn’t true, a simple “it’s not true, we are just friends” would have sufficed. Also remember when Zendaya didn’t exactly say “I’m not Mary Jane” but kept deflecting instead to her character name, “Michelle”, in Spider-Man: Homecoming? And you know what happens at the end, right? When she says her friends call her “MJ”? Exactly. She knows the difference between “No it’s not true” and “Oh but what about this?” So, yeah, they’re dating. And, yeah, we’re shipping. (Just Jared)

The Middleton devotion to a wedge heel is both fascinating and so f-cking annoying. And I don’t particularly hate these particular wedge heels. It’s the fact that a Middleton is wearing them. What would happen if someone suggested to a Middleton that an oxford might be a better option? Would she want to turn the oxford into a wedge? That can work, actually, and Stella McCartney has an entire line of wedge oxfords. The Middletons would never though. (Cele|bitchy)

What are your feelings on a wide leg pant with a wide stripe? Big top is probably what comes to mind? Or sports official? This isn’t the worst wide-wide combination I’ve ever seen. For some reason though I always associate the look with soap operas. And from the 80s. Wide leg pants and stripes never feel super modern. Which is what the disconnect is for me here. (Go Fug Yourself) 

How do you feel about avocado toast? Is is overrated? Is it really the reason why millennials aren’t homeowners? Can you f-cking believe there’s so much controversy over avocado toast? I had the best avocado toast ever in Houston a few weeks ago at a place called State Fare. It was avocado and street corn toast. I’m planning on going back to Houston, just for this reason. Anyway, if you care about the avocado conversation as much as I do, you have to read the New Yorker’s piece on the politics of avocadoism. (The New Yorker) 

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