Dear Gossips, 

It’s been an excellent week of PR for Taylor Swift. There was the news that she’s given out bonuses amounting to $55 million to the people working the US leg of her The Eras tour. 


And she’s just made history, again. 


Last night Taylor kicked off the first of six shows in LA. But LA won’t be the only city getting six shows. As expected yesterday, Taylor announced yet another extension of The Eras tour and Canada was finally part of it. In November 2024 it is expected that Taylor will conclude The Eras tour with six shows in Toronto following additional stops in Miami, New Orleans, and Indianapolis. At least that’s what it’s looking like right now. It’s possible that she could extend the tour yet again, but for now, we’re working with a North American leg two months after wrapping up the European leg in the summer of 2024. By the end of it she’ll probably hold the record for the highest grossing tour of all time. 

To go back to Toronto though, because I was born here and I live here, it’s a big moment too. Beyoncé chose Toronto to kick off the North American leg of the Renaissance tour. Taylor could be wrapping up The Eras here. There aren’t many cities that have been chosen to host six consecutive shows for one artist – and, well, she’s a legend at this point. If it wasn’t already obvious before, Toronto is now undeniably a major entertainment hub. Which is even more reason we need to fix our f-cked up traffic situation!


LOL, that’s the real reason I’m opening with this today. Toronto is one of the worst cities in the world for traffic congestion. It is a nightmare trying to get anywhere in this city, I am angry about this every f-cking day. And it’s probably not going to be any better in a year and three months when Taylor comes to town for six shows. So if you’re planning to fly in to see her, budget your time wisely and take transit if you can. I’m trying to save you some headache

Yours in gossip,