Taylor Swift is promoting “ME!” in Europe. She performed on The Graham Norton Show and The Voice France a few days ago. How is “ME!” doing in your world? It plays on the radio a lot where I am but I’m not sure it’s making a cultural impact, like a song that takes over the zeitgeist, in the way that some of her previous songs have. Even “Shake It Off”, not my favourite Taylor song, and it’s the one most similar to “ME!”, was an inescapable earworm when it came out. That could just be my bubble though. Maybe in your bubble, in your circles, “ME!” is a big deal? Or, maybe, right now, nothing is as big of a deal as “Old Town Road”. 

That said, as I’ve said, from past experience, Taylor’s first releases aren’t usually her best songs. “Blank Space” didn’t come out first. “Blank Space”, “Out of the Woods”, “Style”, all her best hits from 1989 followed “Shake It Off”. And summer hasn’t even officially started. She’s still being coy about the album, when it’s coming out, and what it’s called, but no doubt, there’s a lot more Taylor on the way. 

In the meantime, here’s a relationship update – check out Taylor hand in hand with Joe Alwyn in Paris after lunch at the famous Café de Flore. How long has it been now? Almost three years in September, right? There are rumours that the album will be called “Lover” because that word is lit up in the “ME!” video and she said she also mentions it in the song. Half of reputation was about Joe anyway, particularly the early part of their relationship. So is this going to be an entire album about what they have? Should we get carried away and speculate about whether or not the album will contain some kind of confirmation about what they’ll be?