Premiere of Cats last night in New York. Reactions are still coming in and Sarah’s seeing it on Wednesday so we’ll have her review posted later this week. This will be her first Cats experience – she’s never seen the musical. I’m more excited about her review than I am about the movie. Not that I’m not excited about the movie. I can’t f-cking wait for this movie – specifically because I want to see how batsh-t it will be. The more bonkers the better, so take it easy Cats fanatics, they’re still getting my money. 

Taylor Swift, however, will not be getting an Oscar nomination, at least not for this film. The Academy released its shortlists yesterday and “Beautiful Ghosts”, the original song Taylor wrote with Andrew Lloyd Webber for Cats, did not make the cut. Even though the song was released a few weeks ago specifically for people to hear it before the film’s screenings, presumably the Academy did not recognise “Beautiful Ghosts” because they hadn’t yet screened the film by the time they had to shortlist and couldn’t assess it for how it works within the story. Still, it seems like, being that this is a film based on a MUSICAL, and one of the most well-known musicals, some consideration could have been given? But that’s what makes the Academy what it is: it can be selectively stringent. 

It is a surprise though. That stupid ass, annoying as f-ck, Worst Song of 2016, “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake was nominated for an Oscar – and “Beautiful Ghosts” is way better than that trash. 

Not that this seemed to bother Taylor. She looks GREAT in this Oscar De La Renta strapless gown. One of the best red carpet looks we’ve ever seen from her. It’s a good sign as we get closer to the upcoming award show red carpets. Because right after New Year’s, Taylor will be at the Golden Globes as a nominee. With Joe Alwyn? 

He was there last night – not on the carpet with her but they were seen holding hands as they left together, so if you needed an update on their status, the answer is they’re solid. Christmas is their thing. New Year’s is their thing. It’s now been over three years. Predictions for 2020? Send me!