Taylor’s countdown…and a rumour

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 11, 2018 20:00:37 April 11, 2018 20:00:37

Taylor Swift posted 9 new photos to Instagram yesterday to build anticipation for the reputation tour. The tour kicks off May 8 in Glendale, AZ. Here she is with the dancers:


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And all sweaty coming up from a trap door: 


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There follow several solo shots of the dancers captioned with a song lyric from Gorgeous and a shot of her with her custom in ears and then this shot of her being lifted, presumably during a performance of I Did Something Bad.  


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I wonder what kind of choreography we’re going to see on this tour. Taylor’s not really known for her dancing. 

ELLE noted that of all the photos that Taylor posted yesterday, Karlie Kloss only liked one of them. OMG what does it mean? Does it mean they’re not really secret lovers? Or does it meant they ARE secret lovers and Karlie didn’t want to make it seem to obvious? #KaylorForever

For what it’s worth, there’s an interesting rumour I’ve been hearing out of Nashville the last couple of days – the ACM Awards are on Sunday, celebrating country music. There’s been a lot of talk in the industry that Taylor’s either dropping a new single or will be featured on a new single, and Jennifer Nettles’s name has come up too. No one seems to be able to lock anything down but there’s been all kinds of speculation about or around something and at this point no one can say for sure what it means but Taylor’s name is bubbling up. Could be nothing? If you care, I’ll keep you posted if anything firms up. 


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