Taylor Swift performed “Dear John”, which is about John Mayer, for the first time in a decade and also told her fans to be kinder to her song targets on the internet, explaining that she’s older now and she doesn’t give a sh-t about what happened back when she wrote some of her breakup songs. I find it interesting that she didn’t share the same message with “All Too Well", which is about Jake Gyllenhaal. And I’m not mad at that, LOL. (Dlisted) 


In addition to Pharrell at the Loewe show in Paris, there was also a Succession reunion as Brian Cox and Nicholas Braun were both there. This is probably not where anyone would have expected Logan Roy to show up but Loewe’s whole thing is the unexpected so I love that he’s there because, as we have seen from his talk show appearances, Brian enjoys a good outfit, especially a good pair of boots. As for Nicholas Braun… I also saw photo of Emily Ratajkowski there and, well, I could see it, can’t you? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Anyone out there still watching The Idol? I can’t even hate watch it, that’s how little I care. So I appreciate that people like Dustin over at Pajiba are still spending their Sundays recapping the mess – not because it’s provocative but because it’s boring! It thinks it’s provocative but it is tedious AF and my weekends are too goddamn short to blow an hour on the try-hard sh-t they keep serving. Apparently on this week’s episode, something something about The Weeknd fingering Jocelyn so that she can deliver a better performance while recording a song. What do you call it when you go for maximum shock value and no one is shocked and no one wants to complain? (Pajiba) 


Mark Rylance is out here talking about taking a garlic solution instead of the COVID vaccine and spouting some nonsense about cancer treatments like chemotherapy. In my personal experience, I don’t understand why it has to be an either or situation. My ma has an incurable disease called POEMS. She also believes in natural remedies that can ASSIST with medical options. So she’s constantly brewing teas and special soups and looking into all kinds of roots and herbs and vegetable combinations to combat her illness and she’s also had chemo twice – six years apart – and two stem cell transplants to fight multiple myeloma and she’s had eight shots of the vaccine. (Cele|bitchy) 

I have not yet started watching the new season of The Bear because I want to wait until a few episodes pile up before I really dig in. I am, however, aware of everyone’s obsession with Luca, the new character played by Will Poulter and it makes me laugh that there was so much thirst around him ahead of his role in Guardians of the Galaxy V3 and that turned out to be a bust because his character is NOT hot… and then this happens. (Eater)