Kansas City beat Miami in the AFC wild card on Saturday to advance to the divisional round next week. KC was at home… and it was frigid with many parts of North America experiencing arctic temperatures. I’m about to walk 15 minutes to the train after I finish up most of this post and in Toronto it’s currently a balmy -11C/12F but without the wind chill. With the wind chill it’ll apparently feel like -20C/-4F. This, by the way, is how much I hate driving now. I would rather walk in the cold than get in my car and battle Toronto f-cking traffic. 


Anyway, that’s also how cold, if not colder, it was in Kansas City for the game. And Taylor came prepared. Her game day fits have become a thing and this one went viral because of the jacket: custom Kristin Juszczyk. 

Jacek will come in now with a tutorial on how to say this last name the correctly, the Polish way. I love this about Polish language – the fact that they seem to hate vowels! Jacek has the same amazingly chaotic consonants in his last name. Jacek, take it away. 


(Yup! The fewer vowels the better for my people. This is said Yoosh-chick)

Thank you, Jacek, for that language tutorial. Let’s get back to the fashion. It’s a cool jacket but for me that’s not the highlight of this outfit. For me the highlight… is the BOOTS. Right away when I saw her arriving my eyes went straight to the boots. Combat with a chunky red sole, unmistakably Christian Louboutin and sold out. But so f-cking good and if we’re keeping reputation score, it’s the kind of boot style she favoured often during that era. Here’s a good shot of them on Brittany Mahomes’s IG: 


They obviously had a great time watching their men winning on the field. Taylor was seen high-fiving with the crowd and whispering with Donna Kelce. 

No lipreading scandal here. 


Taylor also got in on the swag surfing, an Arrowhead tradition: 

She’s having a great time, she’s happy, I’m happy for her. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some laughs too, right? Kathleen, who is a TNT super stan, sent me this yesterday. 


Were tired #taylorswift #brittanymahomes #patrickmahomes #nfl #sports #rap #culture

♬ Violin - Grooving Gecko


I am still screaming!


Are you mad, Swifties? Don’t be mad. TNT has been so great for gossip. We alllllll know this love story – and it’s been a FUN love story, in so many ways. The romance? The squeals? The projection and fantasy of it all? The way it feels like we’ve almost been invited to spectate? It’s monoculture at a time when we just don’t get that much monoculture anymore. And when you’ve reached the level of monoculture, you become the source of admiration and harmless, gentle mockery. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are winning, on multiple levels. At least for this week. 


Which, right now, is all that matters. TNT has secured their first post-season victory. An important victory, not just for Travis but for Taylor, which is what I care about. Like the football stakes, for me, are not the story. We’re talking about cultural stakes here. We’re talking about Taylor bringing her celebrity to the playoffs and what that looks like with the NFL giving her as much attention as they can, capitalising on her influence across social media to hype up their schedule and the ratings. We’re talking about how the stakes get more intense from here as Travis and his team get deeper into the post-season and how they have, temporarily anyway, shut down any suggestion that she’s a distraction. In sports though, the high from a win only lasts a couple of days. We do this all over again next weekend. And every weekend we risk it being the last episode of our favourite show. 


For four months now, we’ve been able to count on watching the best rom-com in decades on a weekly basis. Season one, however, is about to end – whether it’s next weekend or the weekend after or even, if they make it all the way, at the Super Bowl. What will our weekends be like when there are no more episodes of TNT until September. 

Well, she goes back on tour. Do we count the tour as season two? 

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