“Mariah Carey is Christmas” opened the site yesterday after the announcement that there’s an upcoming documentary about how “All I Want For Christmas Is You” came to be. Mimi has what every artist wants: a Christmas classic. And at the end of that post, I wrote: 

“So, yes, OF COURSE and OBVIOUSLY, Mariah Carey is Christmas. The other girls can try, but there is no challenger. And there probably never will be.”

A few hours later, Taylor Swift announced on Instagram that she’d be releasing a Christmas song and the song dropped last night with a new video:

By the way, I also posted about Taylor yesterday and the fact that her Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, would be opening the Sundance Film Festival and that we’d likely be seeing footage from her personal library. And here we are, a new video with personal videos from the library. 


There had been rumours about Taylor releasing new music for a few weeks now. This, I guess, is what it was – Taylor wants a piece of Christmas. So are we all now adding “Christmas Tree Farm” to our Christmas playlists? 

It’s cute, for sure. I don’t know if it’s catchy. I listened to it when I got up this morning and enjoyed it. A few minutes later I couldn’t remember what it sounded like. So I listened again an hour later, still enjoyed it, but it still didn’t stay with me. After a third listen, it seemed more familiar but again, it hasn’t developed roots. And it’s not like I’ve never been brain-snatched by a Taylor Swift song. It’s happened consistently over the last decade. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just my brain that isn’t responding to “Christmas Tree Farm”? Her fans, obviously, are all over it. And with her 30th birthday now just a week away, this is what’s going to be their present to her: they’re going to try to send it to #1. Is it the kind of Christmas song that will return for Taylor’s birthday ever year though? Is “Christmas Tree Farm” a Christmas classic? Let me know your thoughts.