Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston…

Now Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift has a Brit Boy love streak going.

The UK Sun broke the story late yesterday that Taylor and Joe have been secretly dating for months and that she’s been seeing him in London in disguise.

Let’s backtrack for a minute to get a better sense of how this played out. As you know, Taylor travels around in private jets and her fans have made a habit of tailing her planes, trying to figure out where she’s been. For months her planes have been making trips to England even though she’s managed to evade paps and fans. That’s where the disguises have come in. On the weekend, Taylor flew from LA to Nashville to spend time with family for Mother’s Day. The plane-trackers then noted that when she left Nashville, she went straight to London. The next day, The Sun told us about Joe Alwyn.

So it’s been a while. How long?

Back in November Taylor was seen in LA with her mom and her friends from Haim leaving a screening. The movie? Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. The star of the movie? Joe Alwyn.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Is it possible that Taylor saw the movie, got into Joe after seeing the movie, and then arranged to meet him…etc etc etc? That would match the timeline that they’ve been dating “for months”. And what I like about that timeline is how it makes her relationship with Tom Hiddleston look in hindsight. The prevailing assumption about Taylor Swift’s romances and why they end is that she’s never the one who decides to leave. But while Tom was oversharing to Taffy Brodesser-Akner for GQ, banging down the woman’s door well after she HAD HAD ENOUGH information to write her story, Taylor, it turns out, had already had a new boyfriend. Taylor wasn’t looking back. Because she was the one who wanted to move forward? I mean, how f-cking annoying do you have to be if even Taylor Swift can’t wait to get away from you?

One final note:

Taylor’s been so undercover for months. And this week she’s papped in Nashville and we find out that she has a boyfriend. When her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles, is out promoting his first solo album.

Coincidence or conspiracy?