It was Taylor Swift’s birthday yesterday. And she posted a message to thank her fans. She also said she had the best year. And, well, the general consensus is that 2017 was a pretty f-cking bullsh-t year that will not stop giving us more and more f-cking bullsh-t. This brings up an interesting question: let’s say you have a great year when everyone else feels like the universe took a dump on their face. Do you go about it quietly so as to not rub it in? Or are you allowed to be happy if you’re not the one making everyone else unhappy? (Dlisted) 

Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks appear to be suggesting that we should be able to separate the art from the artist. Something about the bath water and the baby, which is an expression I’ve never understood. This is the rationale that most have been adhering to forever. But I wonder if it still holds up in light of Rebecca Traister’s essay that I linked to in today’s open. What about the art that never got to happen because of predatory artists? (Cele|bitchy) 

Kate Mara’s dress really is the perfect holiday party dress. It has sparkle but it’s not a total ball of sequins. The length is super cute. The cut is appropriate for almost every kind of event because it’s not too casual if the occasion is fancy and it’s not too fancy if the occasion is more casual. And you can actually wear this to work under a blazer and transition to nighttime if you’re heading straight from the office. I really wish she would have committed to a true centre part here though. (Go Fug Yourself) 

When you think back on 2017 and the biggest celebrity breakups, which couple comes to mind? Does any couple come to mind? If I asked you the same question a year ago, there would have been only one possible answer: Brange. Brange was HUGE. There was no Brange equivalent in 2017 and there probably won’t be for a while. But, still, as far as high profile splits are concerned, I feel like 2017 was pretty low-key. Agree or disagree? (Pop Sugar) 

Look at this video of Katie Holmes with Jamie Foxx celebrating his 50th birthday. Look at her! How animated she is. How expressive. It’s been a long time, right? A long, long time. And you can take that in so many ways. She and Jamie have now been together for four years. Another year and it’ll be as long as her marriage to Tom Cruise. (TMZ) 

Oscar Isaac, I Saw Him First, and John Boyega reading thirst tweets. Basically tweets from people who want them to do dirty things. I could have watched this for hours and now I guess I know why people are shipping them. Some Easter eggs here though. Oscar says “my wife”. So I guess he’s married. Also… he has EXCELLENT TASTE IN SNACK FOOD. What have I been telling you about spicy Cheetos!?! Why don’t the Cheetos people and the Oreos people know how much I love them? (Buzzfeed)