Taylor Swift, as we know, has been home-basing in New York lately while on tour. She plays three shows at MetLife Stadium this weekend. Taylor had yesterday off and today too. And she was seen last night at a recording studio where she stayed for several hours. There’s really not much else to do in a recording studio so, obviously, she’s working on new music. The question is… what new music? The reputation tour goes until November. Is she planning the next album already? Are we getting a new album as soon as, say, next year? 

Several artists, by the way, have been working at the same studio lately. Including Lady Gaga. So interesting to me the difference between artists in their attire when they’re recording. Gaga, if you remember, gave us a full runway fashion show a few weeks ago when she was heading into the studio every day. Every outfit could have been for a photo shoot. As you can see here, Taylor’s all about the plaid and the sneakers. There’s no one way that’s better than the other, obviously. It’s all about the artist’s preference. Gaga’s performances are often high drama, often operatic. Makes sense to me that she’d want to be dressed for it, almost like it’s a costume. Taylor’s clothing reflects her musical style, a more casual kind of intimacy. It’s another example of the many ways that we all work. I know writers who can get it done in pyjamas, at the dining table (that’s me), and others who have to get properly dressed and be set up in an office. There’s no difference in the quality of work that is produced. It’s just we all have our own ways of getting there.