Taylor Swift spent a lot of time in London during her relationship with Joe Alwyn which is now over. As I mentioned in my post about their breakup yesterday, even though Taylor and her team have yet to “officially” confirm that she and Joe are over, the timing of the news during an off weekend from her tour, and with an entertainment news outlet (ET) with strong ties to publicists, suggests that it was a strategic release, that she managed the rollout…even though some of her fans are refusing to accept that she and Joe are indeed no more. But now she’s returned to New York. And not only is she back in New York, she’s getting papped in New York. This is also more than just coincidence. 


There was a time, in the 2010s, when Taylor was papped all the time. But it’s been years. These days, it’s much harder to find Taylor, she is papped much less frequently than she was back in those days. In fact, months and months can go by without the paps being able to find her. These latest shots of her in New York – which you can see at TMZ  - are with the photo agency Backgrid. The last time Backgrid had candids of Taylor that weren’t from a red carpet? August 2022, and even then I’m not sure that counts because it was the VMAs and she was posing for photographers while heading to the after-party. Before that Backgrid got some very low quality shots of her out for dinner with Joe and Lena Dunham. My point is, Taylor doesn’t give up pap shots all that often anymore. So with that in mind, about last night, and the fact that she stepped out with cameras present just two days after it broke that she and Joe have ended their relationship… 

Coincidence or conspiracy? 


How can it be a coincidence that she’s basically never papped and now she’s getting papped when we’re all talking about her being single again for the first time in six years?

Taylor was dining with Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley. Jennifer Lawrence was also there but managed to avoid photographers. But Taylor showed up for photographers with butterflies on her jeans and a necklace – so you know what that means. Her fans are trying to read into all the details. Is the butterfly a symbol of rebirth? Is that the “J” necklace she wore for Joe? Or a different one? As you know, where her fans are concerned, the eggs can go several layers deep:

I don’t know that it needs to be that deep though? My read on this is that she’s out here saying, believe it, I’m solo, I’m in these streets again, be ready for what’s coming next.