Taylor Swift did not travel to Germany to watch Travis Kelce and Kansas City win over the Miami Dolphins yesterday. KC won though and Travis, with his three catches for only 14 yards, which makes him KC’s leading all-time receiver but also continues the conversation about the difference in his stats when Taylor’s there and when she’s not. A win is a win though and right now that’s all that matters for Travis and his team. Also, it doesn’t seem to be bother him, all the attention and interest in their relationship. Not even when he’s in front of the press. 


Remember, the gossip last week, in the absence of any Taylor and Travis, or as Sarah now refers to them, TNT, is that his family has concerns about the heat he’s been in these last couple of months. Really? Because he seems to be handling it just fine, including on the trip to Germany when he was asked at the press conference whether or not she’d be coming. He’s not defensive, he doesn’t seem bothered or annoyed or impatient – whoever gave him this media training did a great job because I don’t think he could have answered these questions any better. 

Seriously! A total pro! He doesn’t shut down the questions, he doesn’t belittle the journalists, he doesn’t give too much away, but he gives just enough away (“I got to see her last week”), and he has a sense of humour. The way he talked about the Vegas spread and all that is funny, it’s clever, and he seems entirely himself, super relaxed, super easygoing… 


So far? And it’s been a minute now, this man is handling it! He’s good at his job and he’s good at his other job, which is being her boyfriend. At least the public-facing parts of being her boyfriend. So if it wasn’t clear by now? I AM A FAN.

As for Taylor… 

She did not get on the plane for cock this weekend and decided instead to hang in New York with her girlfriends. First on Friday night she was at Minetta with Phoebe Bridgers. Let's talk about Minetta because no one was thirstier about Taylor’s patronage there than the owner of Minetta, Keith McNally. You remember him, don’t you? 


A year ago around this time, Keith was making headlines for putting James Corden on blast for the way he behaved at Balthazar, another one of his establishments. Let me just repost his post for the LOLs. 


Keith dined out on that for weeks! And now, a year later, it’s the opposite energy. He could not get enough of Taylor and here he is, doing the most as usual, about her hitting up his spot: 


You know what this means, right? It means that Rachel Handler won’t have to work so hard the next time she updates her piece on where Taylor Swift eats in New York (which, if you still haven’t read, what are you waiting for?) 

Now can we talk about this excellent outfit Taylor wore at Minetta? This is Taylor in full blast autumn attire – the sweater is Gant and it’s SO good. Gant has been coming on strong this year. Like for me, in 2023, Gant is the new Ganni. At a better price point. I’ve worn Gant on ETALK at least once a week for months. And during TIFF, Gant was probably my favourite festival outfit. This is me, in full Gant, bomber and skirt, with the cast of Concrete Utopia. Taylor’s sweater is sold out but this one is just as good - and it’s currently on sale. 

Next to Taylor’s Saturday night – big girls’ night out with Selena Gomez, Brittany Mahomes, who also chose not to go to Germany, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, and Sophie Turner, who was likely back in New York to pick up her children from Joe Jonas as it’s now her two weeks for custody according to their temporary arrangement. 

Let’s focus on Selena Gomez though because you’ll recall, some of the bullsh-t that was being reported last week was about how Selena wasn’t down with how Taylor was managing her situation with Travis and how public it’s been. As I said last week… as IF Selena would want that smoke. There is no way Selena would be bringing that smoke onto herself. There is no way that she’d want to jeopardise this friendship – and this outing reinforces that. This was a message to everyone, Selena isn’t ever going to be publicly doubting Taylor, are you f-cking kidding me? 


As for Taylor’s schedule… 

The South American leg of The Eras tour kicks off in Buenos Aires on Thursday and as I also mentioned last week, Kansas City has a bye week this week. Which means Travis has time off – so while she skipped Germany and did not show up at his work this past weekend there is a good chance that he might show up for her work this coming weekend…just as she’s celebrating a major work win: 

1989 (Taylor’s Version) has sold more in its first week than the original and she broke her own streaming record for first day album streams which was previously held by Midnights. All of this with a RE-RECORDED album. It’s not an understatement to say that she runs her own metaverse, this is a crazy f-cking level of sales power. 

So I guess that’s where we have to, yet again, kick off the week on The Squawk. Come join us to talk about Taylor’s extraordinary success and whether or not you think Travis will show up in Buenos Aires.