Check out Joe Alwyn last night at the premiere of Mary Queen of Scots. Interesting pant length happening here. Why not show off those boots, right? I don’t hate it. But it’s definitely shorter than the usual, especially with the slight flare at the hem. Kinda like the mom jeans I’m obsessed with right now. Again, I don’t hate it. I especially don’t hate that he’s trying it. Joe evidently has a style personality – and a deal with Prada. 

Joe wasn’t alone last night. Taylor Swift attended the premiere too. I’m not including any shots of her because there are actually no shots of her. Think of how many photographers would have been at that event, not to mention fans. Somehow she managed to go to the screening, without being papped, and also the after-party and we only know this because Joe’s co-star Izuka Hoyle put it on her Instagram story. (Thanks R!) 

You know who else does this all the time? Like shows up at premieres and avoids being photographed by anyone other than her own personal photographer? Beyoncé. They can move around very quietly when they want to. 

Taylor has another reason to be in London. Production on Cats, directed by Tom Hooper, started last month. Seriously. What is this movie going to be? I feel about it at this point like I would feel about a blind taste test or what it’s like the moment right before you try a Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean.