Taylor Swift has been home-basing in New York these days with her tour stops in the eastern part of the US the last few weeks. She was seen at Electric Lady Studios again the other day, not with Matty Healy this time but he is definitely still in the picture, for now. And she appears to be thriving. At her show in Boston this past weekend, Taylor said to the crowd that, “I’ve just never been this happy in my life in all aspects of my life ever”. 


It's reductive to attribute all of that to Matty Healy, and I’m not going to. Because Taylor Swift has a lot of reasons to be happy, from her career to her creativity to her family. Taylor revealed a couple of years ago that her mother, Andrea, was battling cancer. My ma also had cancer and is currently in remission. When Taylor said she’s never been this happy, my mind went to her mother, because if she’s talking like this, “in all aspects of my life”, hopefully that means that Andrea is doing OK, and that would be the best reason for her big happiness. 

That said, her happiness, especially her post-breakup happiness, is interesting considering some of the assumptions that have been made about Taylor and her romances over the years. When she was younger, the breakups were ugly, and she channeled her bitterness and resentment into music. And so her reputation, for a while, was that she was never happy after her breakups. 


But that hasn’t been the case since Calvin Harris. She bounced off Calvin Harris without looking back, straight into the arms of Tom Hiddleston. And she peaced out on Tom for Joe Alwyn, and didn’t seem particularly bummed about that either. Joe was her most significant relationship, it lasted six years, and when news first broke that they were over, some were thinking maybe Taylor would be giving sad and mopey energy and what happened instead is that she went on tour with her lights turned on at full blast plus Matty Healy. 

My point is…she’s not that girl who’s doing the stereotypical eating her feelings and not showering and crying herself to sleep thing after a breakup. As for Joe… 

There were a couple of photos of him that have come out recently where he might have been the one crying himself to sleep but he turned up in Cannes this week, at the Celine party, and he seems OK too. 

Joe Alwyn for Celine
Joe Alwyn for Celine

Both are moving on, then. Some quicker than others. I wonder how long it’ll be before Joe has a new girlfriend. 

You know who’s not moving on? Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. It’s been a month since Coachella and they’re still back together, apparently very back together as they were photographed holding hands in New York this week – TMZ has the photos. It’s the first few weeks that are the trickiest when two people fall apart and decide to put back the pieces. After the initial glow wears off, those old issues are still sitting there, waiting to be addressed. Are they past it? Or still in progress? Attached – Camila, without Shawn, in New York yesterday.