Serious question: do you drink gin and juice? Because … I feel like the juice way-overpowers the gin? Like why not just gin and tonic? Don’t tell me you think G&T is basic. Classic and basic is not the same thing. And… did anyone drink any of this afterwards? Was it some kind of communal situation? That’s a pass from me, thanks. It had to have been warm and, like, think about the size of that glass. Are we sure it was clean? I have a sensitive stomach – like I can’t drink anything on tap, bottle or can only, because whatever it is that they have in those kegs gives me the runs right away. The last time I had draught beer was at a Vancouver Canucks game almost 20 years ago and I had to take a sh-t in a Wendy’s 20 minutes later. I feel like this glass would work the same way. All that Hendricks, spoiled. Next time, Hendricks, tonic, and cucumber – single serving, this is all you need. (Dlisted) 

Taylor Swift came off stage and did her first interview in two years the other day with the BBC and at the end of the quick chat, the reporter thanked her and told her to hit the showers and some people are pissed about it. So was this rude? If you watch the video, it doesn’t go down rude, at least not to me. But I guess to really answer this question, you have to find out whether or not he told everyone he interviewed that day to take a shower after they came offstage. If she was singled out for needing to shower – when she can’t have been the only one who was sweaty – that’s probably a solid case for calling him out? (Cele|bitchy) 

A few years ago, Kristen Bell shared a video of herself, I think it was on Ellen?, reacting to meeting a sloth for the first time. Do you remember this? She was overcome, crying, and Dax Shepard filmed it. He’s filming her crying again, this time after watching the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones. Is this going to turn into a thing? Like a semi-regular show called What Makes Kristen Cry? (Pop Sugar) 

What would you do if you worked next to a loud chewer? I’m not a loud chewer but I am a loud slurper and I slurp a lot because I’m always eating soup or whatever magic skin and hair and heart and lung and good for x, y, z body part my ma has made me. Soup is a big deal in Chinese culture. Jacek hates my slurping. The thing is… slurping is also a part of my culture. I don’t want to stop slurping. What if my colleagues asked me to stop slurping though? (Pajiba) 

Daniel Craig is back in a tux for Bond 25. Last week it was finally confirmed that Danny Boyle would be directing and that Daniel will be back in the role, scheduled for a November 2019 release. Which seems like a much more reasonable shooting and post production schedule. Last time they had to turn it around in less than a year. (TMZ) 

My parents are from Hong Kong. I was born two months after Bruce Lee died. When I was growing up, there were so many stories about Bruce Lee, I feel like it’s in my DNA to be obsessed with him. And there’s so much superstition about his life and his death. This new biography coming out about him – I wonder if they address that. Because, to me, it’s not complete unless you consider his legacy and mythology from several different perspectives. (The Ringer)