Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, known around these parts as TNT, which is what Sarah decided we would call them here at LaineyGossip, unlike on TikTok which refers to them as “Tayvis”, gave us a brand new episode of their rom-com to end 2023. And this is fitting…because they were one of the biggest gossip stories of 2023, and the story continues in 2024. But first, let’s spend a little more time in last year because I just mentioned TikTok and that’s where you can find just about every f-cking angle of their NYE kiss – in slow motion, sped up, any speed you want it, lololol. 


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There was a lot to celebrate that night. As I’m sure we all know, Taylor was in Kansas City for the team’s win on Sunday to clinch the division. She wore a custom KC bomber jacket very similar to Travis’s designed by Jeff Hamilton who posted about it on Instagram. 


It’s not just significant because it’s cute, that they have matching clothes, but because of the varsity jacket’s Americana significance, “Miss Americana” if you will. Football is the sport of America. The football star is always the high school prom king. And the one whose girl gets to wear his jacket. Taylor’s been evoking high school and fairy tales in her songs her entire career. Early on she sang the naïve dreams of teen girls. Later on those adolescent dreams turned into young adult (political) disillusionment with a heartbreak prince. And now, in her 30s, a pop queen has crowned her new king by proudly wearing his colours on her body. 

Taylor and Travis are real people, of course they are, but at the same time, these are the kinds of details that make their relationship feel like a movie we’ve been watching, together, in real time. A movie that is both comfortingly familiar and unfamiliar, a movie at once predictable and unpredictable. There is formula there, but there is also suspense. Which is what makes them one of the most fascinating celebrity romances of the last decade. Now the romance is entering the playoffs, and I don’t just mean sports. 


Yes, KC has advanced to the playoffs and, for Swifties and KC fans alike, hopefully they’ll go the distance. But we can also say that we are officially in entertainment playoff season. Award season is the playoffs, isn’t it? 

We spend all year, aka the regular season, watching the films and series and listening to the songs that are released during the eligibility period. Then the contenders start to emerge, not unlike how it is in sports. Once that happens there is a series of award shows that further narrows the field, kinda like wild card and conference games. Travis made the playoffs this year… but so did Taylor. She’s been nominated for a Golden Globe for her The Eras Tour movie. 


The Globes are this coming Sunday 7 January in LA. And Kansas City is playing in LA on Sunday. It’s the rom-com equivalent of our two leads somehow, implausibly, ending up at the same bus stop at the same time, LOL. TNT are here to prove to us that rom-coms are actually realistic! 

Some people are now wondering whether or not Taylor can make it to both – KC kicks off at 135pm PT/435pm ET. And the Globes red carpet will probably get started around 230pm PT/530pm ET with the broadcast beginning at 5pm PT/8pm ET. She could, if she wants to, go to the game, skip the carpet and make it to the Globes in time for broadcast… but that doesn’t leave a lot of runway for hair and makeup etc unless she wants to go to the game half ready which isn’t ideal. You always want to show up for an award show fresh from the glam chair, or as fresh as you can. 

Then again, if the Golden Globes want to accommodate Taylor, and it’s not like these people aren’t starf-ckers, even in their new iteration, they could push her category to the last half hour of the broadcast, like after 930pm, and that would give her an extra hour to get from the stadium to the Beverly Hilton. If the game is over by 430pm, and she’s in a suite at the Hilton by 6pm or even 630pm, that still gives her at least two and a half hours to get it done, although it would be a f-cking sprint. 


But all of this schedule speculation might be a waste of time because KC’s game on Sunday isn’t  meaningful. The team is already locked in as the third seed in the conference which means they will play at home during wild card week no matter what happens this weekend. So it’s possible that KC will be resting their starters, including Patrick Mahomes and Travis. It’s arguably the smart thing to do – give your stars as much rest as possible and for how much wear and tear is on their bodies, every extra day of rest is a precious bonus. 

So the more likely scenario, I think at least, is that he could travel with the team, be with the team for some light practice but sit out the game, and then go and meet Taylor to attend their first award show together? How’s that for a new episode of TNT this weekend? 

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