In today’s daily intro about Taylor Swift  I mentioned that some Swifties were mad at Travis Kelce’s publicist, Pia, yesterday for reposting an Instagram story for her birthday where Taylor’s face was covered by a clown emoji. 


Interestingly enough, DeuxMoi defended Pia: 


And even more interestingly, Deux Moi just reported an exclusive about Taylor and Travis today.

Taylor was in New York this weekend but this morning she left NYC for Kansas City. Presumably, then, she and Travis will be together for Halloween and this is the rumour – that they’ll be dressing in the most obviously appropriate costume: Posh & Becks. After all, they are the Posh & Becks of their generation. 


Remains to be seen when… they’ll be seen. When they decide, if they decide, to show us. Travis’s podcast with his brother, Jason, tapes on Tuesdays and he apparently talked in last week’s episode about keeping his costume secret but promised that he’d talk about it “after Halloween”. They drop new episodes on Wednesdays, right? 

So now Swifties are speculating whether or not that’ll have something to with whatever surprise they may or may not be planning. 

That said, this could just be another Swiftie wild Easter egg chase. But, you know, since this is the rom-com we’re all following now, Swiftie or not, heads up for tomorrow or the day after. 

What’s your gut telling you will happen with this? Shall we take this over to The Squawk to share your predictions? 

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