Everyone is still talking about whether or not Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are dating. Travis isn’t talking about it though, which is smart, not only to protect whatever may or may not be happening with Taylor but also to fuel the intrigue. In the absence of real answers, people will fill up the space, and the discourse, with speculation. And thirsty people generally love speculation. I’m not saying Travis is super thirsty, but he was the one, on his podcast, who first introduced to the public the possibility that he and Taylor might be a thing when he talked about going to her concert and that friendship bracelet he made with his phone number on it. 


Now he’s being asked about it at work. And this was his response: 


New romantics for Taylor Swift? #taylorswift #traviskelce #swifties #newromantics

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As someone in the comments wrote, he’s not saying no. If there really was nothing going on, if they’ve never met, if they’re not dealing with each other, a simple no would shut it all down. And Taylor, by the way, would know this. Like if she and Travis have had zero contact, and he’s out there avoiding the topic, thereby playing mind games with people all like, that’s not really a denial, she’d be able to clock exactly what that is, that he’s out here using her for clout, and probably wouldn’t appreciate it. Which would kill any chance he could potentially have. I’m assuming he too would be aware of that risk – and either doesn’t care, or he’s answering this way because it is actually something he can’t talk about and is letting everybody else talk about instead. Because when he scored a touchdown yesterday, here’s how the play was called. 


Taylor, meanwhile, was nowhere near Florida this weekend. Last night she was seen in NYC at Zero Bond for dinner with Blake Lively wearing an excellent pair of brown boots (or should I say “Maroon”) that she’s had in her closet for a while. The IG account “Taylor Swift Styled” always has the ID on her fits. The boots were first seen back in 2014 and she wore them in 2015 too, which happened to be during the 1989 era. Taylor’s version of 1989 drops in a few weeks so it’s probably not much of a surprise that she’s revisiting some of her style pieces from that era. Taylor is always intentional about the details.