At least where her stage performances are concerned… 

Taylor Swift played her third and final show in São Paulo last night, which was also the final South American stop of The Eras tour, and the final concert of The Eras tour in 2023. And, as we know, there was controversy leading into this weekend after the death of Ana Clara Benevides at the first show in Rio de Janeiro last Friday. 


According to The Washington Postthe Brazilian company that organized the show, Time4Fun, is the subject of government and police investigations”, and while there’s been no suggestion that Taylor and her team are responsible, some fans in Brasil were critical of how she handled the situation and whether or not she was doing enough to honour Ana Clara Benevides and support the family. 

There are now reports that Taylor has donated to the family and the family was seen in a VIP section at the concert last night. A photo of Taylor with Ana Clara Benevides’s family has also been shared on social media. 


As I said last week, Taylor Swift is known to be thoughtful, measured, strategic. This is why I wanted to wait before assessing her reaction to the tragedy – because we didn’t have much information last week about what was going on behind the scenes, and how Taylor and her team were communicating with Ana Clara Benevides’s family. She would have known what people were saying about her. And there is no way she would have let that continue for long. While we still don’t know the specifics, the family’s presence at the show on Sunday night suggests that there’s been some action happening in private between Taylor and the family. That said, the priority, of course, is to continue to push for answers about what happened in the lead-up to Ana’s death and the decisions that were made, or not made, that may have resulted in this loss of life. And Taylor and her team have the biggest influence in making sure Ana’s family are able to get the information they need.


Until then, there is other Taylor-related news to report. Ahead of the show last night, Swifties, of course, were doing all kinds of CSI about whether or not she’d make a major announcement, predicting that it would be that she would confirm the release date for Reputation (Taylor’s Version). That didn’t happen. She did, however, confirm during the show that in 2024, the surprise song list for The Eras Tour would be reset. 


It’s a big deal for the people who have tickets to see her in Asia and Europe and Canada (including our site manager Emily, who managed to get tickets in Vancouver, the final stop – at least for now – on this tour). Taylor’s on break now for about two months, but she will resume performing in February in Japan at the Tokyo Dome on February 7. I was just in Tokyo and I want to go back there so much I’m actually now looking for tickets, LOL. 


Those who don’t intend to see her in person, however, will be able to see her from the couch soon. It’s her birthday gift to everyone…and herself. Because Taylor will be on demand on December 13: 

But what will she do with all this free time? What will she do on her actual birthday? And who will she be spending it with? 


The rom-com has been on pause for over a week out of respect for what happened in Rio de Janeiro, but Travis and Kansas City played yesterday and …

If there’s anyone who loves a record, it’s Taylor Swift. That would be a turn-on for her. And she liked that post so she was paying attention. I wonder if she was turned on by the fact that he got a little testy on the field during the game. This moment went viral – and I’ve no doubt she would have seen it, too. As for when she’ll be able to see a moment like this in person, KC plays in Green Bay next Sunday. I have a hard time seeing her travelling to Wisconsin but, you know, she might need her vitamins.