Taylor Swift was photographed in New York yesterday at Electric Lady Studios. She is currently enjoying a ten-week break, sort of, as The Eras Tour will resume in Brazil in November. Sort of because there are two major releases coming up for Taylor before she gets back on stage. 


Her album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) will drop on October 27, nine years to the day the original came out and changed the trajectory of her career. This was her first full-pop album, the album that not only made her a mega, mega, MEGA superstar, one of probably only three or four in the world, but also an album and an album era that gave us so much gossip. 

Two weeks before the album comes out though, Taylor will be at the movies. It was big news last week when Taylor announced that Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour would be playing in theatres beginning October 13. And positioned herself as a union ally because she’s doing this without having to go through the studios, working out a distribution deal directly with AMC. Advance ticket sales have broken records and as Sarah wrote yesterday industry insiders are projecting that The Eras Tour could bring in as much as $150 million. I mean, I can tell you she’s definitely getting my $30, with gratitude, because I didn’t register for tickets for her Toronto residency and now I can happily sit this concert out. 


In other Taylor-adjacent news… Joe Alwyn is back on Instagram, his first post in over a year, and obviously since head and Taylor broke up. It’s a photo dump and of course all the Swifties are doing CSI on the images looking for Easter eggs. 

Something something about The Archer and ivy and whatever, it’s too much energy to spend looking backwards when we could be looking at what’s happening now, which is that Taylor is single, she has some down time, and why are we not paying attention? 

I just thought of a new Gossip Genie: Taylor Swift and Glen Powell. Come on, admit it, I nailed this one.