Dear Gossips,

Right now I’m toggling between this document and the CBC Olympics livestream because Canada is playing Sweden in the women’s soccer gold medal match today in Tokyo. This space was always supposed to be dedicated to the game because originally it was scheduled for last night at 10pm ET, until the players petitioned to have it moved to later due to the heat. 


No matter what happens though, no matter the outcome, the athletes on both teams, these talented, hardworking, and supportive women, they are rock stars win or lose, and in Canada’s case, especially Christine Sinclair, the heart and soul of Canadian women’s soccer. She is the all-time leading scorer for men or women in international play, already a legend in the sport, a generous, gracious leader, a quality she showed once again earlier this week during the semi-final match when she deferred the penalty kick to her teammate Jessie Fleming and comforted her American teammate Lindsay Horan when the match was over. As a mentor as well as a champion, she’s been helping to shape the future of her sport in her country, a true torchbearer of excellence. 

Big ups to Captain Canada, Christine Sinclair. 

Yours in gossip,