If you haven’t met me (it’s been a minute) you are free to shout at me for not being a fan of Ted Lasso. It’s entirely personal, between me and sports and aw-shucks-ism, and I reserve the right to be into it in 12-15 years, but for now, I think it’s safe to say it is enough already, and though the cast and crew famously all enjoy each other, I think some of the ensemble futzing at Jason Sudeikis’s futzing at the microphone speaks to the overall sentiment of just… needing something new. 


ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE SOME FRIENDS OF MINE, or as Sam Jay put it, ‘Selena Gomez and her two plus ones’.

Only Murders In the Building is an offbeat show, involving two weird comedy dudes your parents kind of like, and Selena Gomez. 

And it is perfect. 

No, honestly. They play off each other beautifully because they play one of the greatest games in all of human interaction: “Let’s Rip On Each Other To Show Our Love And Affection”. 


Yeah, they’re an unlikely trio. Yes, they have a lot of fun at the expense of Steve Martin’s age (he has a whole three years on Martin Short) and it’s a little lighter than, say, your Euphorias and your Squid Game. But it really, really works, the three of them, which is why it’s extra frustrating that while Martin and Short were each nominated for acting awards, Selena Gomez got nothing. It’s a three-hander, Emmys, do you not think it seems a little slanted to leave out ‘the girl’? 

I tweeted earlier that I think Selena Gomez’s outfit – very lovely and serviceable, but not the epic looks we’ve come to expect from her, especially in her role as Mabel on the show – were a nod to what the Emmys could have had, but didn’t. I stand by that, but since the show was shut out tonight (of their 17 nominations, they won three, on Creative Arts night) the Arconia Three will get to be underdogs together, and make the Emmys pay for it next year, which, in all likelihood, they will.  Trust me when I say you’ll want to be on board by then. Call your mum, make a nice tea, and thank me later.