Has it happened yet? Today’s the day! Haven’t you heard? At the Emmys on Sunday, Terrence Howard promised that today, the day he’s getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he would show us how he’s solved science. Seriously. He’s done what Stephen Hawking couldn’t do. And all the other people with, you know, science degrees and sh-t: Terrence Baby Wipes Howard has figured it all out. Today is the day we are all saved. No matter what happens to our planet, Terrence has the answers to our planetary platonic solid conjugation survival. (Dlisted) 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Day 2 in South Africa featured a denim jacket and so far, at least from the limited scanning that I’ve done, nobody’s popped off about how royals aren’t supposed to wear denim. Maybe by tomorrow morning one of the UK columnists who love yelling about Meghan will be yelling about how she wore a denim jacket. Meghan’s jacket is Madewell. My favourite denim jacket is Madewell and since they’ve stopped making it, I am so paranoid that I’ll wear it out because… it’s the best. It’s short-sleeved. I KNOW, right? If you can find it used, FYI that it fits small. I bought mine two sizes up. Anyway, I’ll have more on the tour tomorrow. (Cele|bitchy) 

Kristen Stewart is doing a thing with her eye makeup that I’m not sure I can get behind. As the FUG Girls say, it looks like it’s been Sharpied – I guess to give the illusion of wings? I’m not sure it’s working. At least not on her eyes. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This is really cute. Taika Waititi was so excited to see Chris Evans and give him a hug that he pulled down the set by accident. I would consider this a check in the Evans column over Pine. Taika’s not knocking sh-t down to get to Pine, at least not yet. But how would Taika choose between Evans and Hemsworth? Someone needs to ask him this. (Pajiba) 

A new season of This Is Us premieres tonight. Nobody knows what will happen but everybody knows that there will be a lot of crying. Here’s a ranking of the saddest people on the show. THERE ARE 38 SAD PEOPLE ON THIS SHOW! Can’t they just have one Sookie St James? (Vulture)