Jennifer Lopez is maybe not having the banner year she hoped for, with album sales not as high as one might hope and/or expect, and ticket sales also, er, depressed, but as Duana once said, JLo is Teflon. Nothing sticks. Not bad reviews, not bad sales…not bad movies? 


JLo has a new Netflix movie arriving this summer, called Atlas. The full trailer dropped yesterday, and it looks terrible. Like, this is exactly why Netflix movies have gained a bad reputation with audiences, such that Netflix is now making power moves to try and steer their film division back on course, such as hiring Dan Lin as their new head of film.


To be fair to JLo, The Mother is one of the most popular English-language films Netflix has ever made. But that movie is comfortably within her wheelhouse, playing a tough lady on a mission, and it’s actually a solid B-action movie, and people always like those. Atlas looks a little more fish out of water, as she plays some kind of future nerd taking on an evil AI played by Simu Liu, and then she gets trapped—maybe?—in a mecha-suit that is also powered by an AI called Smith, and she has to befriend Smith (voiced by Gregory James Cohan) in order to defeat Simu Liu. We’re supposed to understand her character is a serious person who is serious because she has messy hair. 

Honestly, though, it doesn’t matter if Atlas sucks. Because she’s kicking off May co-chairing the Met Gala, and then Atlas comes out a few weeks later, and then, who knows, there will be some new summery Bennifer content to appease everyone, and no one will care about Atlas. Or maybe they will, maybe despite looking like hot garbage people will tune in. The Mother precedent exists, but again, The Mother is decent. 


Still, like Duana said, Jennifer Lopez is Teflon. It doesn’t matter if the song, album, tour, movie, documentary, whatever is bad, negativity never sticks to Jennifer Lopez.