Tessa Thompson and Ed Harris were shooting scenes for Westworld yesterday in New York. While she was blocking out the scene, and waiting to roll, she had on a grey robe. I mean, the white outfit she’s wearing here, with her hair tied back and long like that, it’s gorgeous. But this robe looks so f-cking soft, and the colour is so creamy, even through photos I want to touch it. I wonder what it’s lined with. I’m in the market for a new robe and this is almost what I’m looking for but not quite. I need to know that there’s something absorbent in the lining. And ideally I’d like it to be longer, grey, green, or black. With a hood. My robe right now, that is seven years old, has a hood and pockets and it’s the best. It’s just tired and not all that plush anymore and one of the belt loops has ripped off. So if you come across one that meets these requirements, let me know. I’ve been searching for a year. 


In other Tessa news, she was photographed on break with a person in a mask who looks like Dev Hynes. Dev and Tessa were first rumoured to be dating back in 2019. They were in Milan for Fashion Week together in 2020. They were still together last September: 


But, you’ll recall, back in May, she was papped with Taika Waititi and Rita Ora and the three of them were all over each other and it ended up being a stunt. What’s less talked about though is that around that same time, Tessa was also photographed kissing model Zac Stenmark. It was obviously a horny time. Horny times don’t make for long times and now Dev is back in the picture just in time for cuffing season. Or not. Maybe commitment isn’t her thing. And if that’s the case, that works too.