We’ve been talking about BDE, Big Dick Energy, all week. And Patricia Clarkson has something to say about Justin Timberlake’s dick. Which actually proves the BDE definition. That BDE is not defined by size. Size is not enough. Which is why, while JT’s D might be a plus, his Energy is definitely a minus. (Dlisted) 

And on the subject of energy being the final, and most critical, part of BDE, this is where the women these days are giving us more BDE than so many celebrity men. Like Rihanna. And absolutely, f-cking absolutely, Tessa Thompson. (Pajiba) 
Lee Daniels is giving $2 million back to Damon Dash. And what’s amazing is that… even though he has that much less money in his account… he STILL comes out the winner. When you can be all like, yeah, fine dude, you’re right, here’s your money, and it’s $2 million? And it’s just so casual? And it doesn’t hurt you? That’s not a bad look. (TMZ) 
Amy Adams in a floral dress is taking the Fug Girls back to Avonlea. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban don’t text. Because so many things can be misconstrued over text. This is what works for them. It doesn’t, however, work for everyone. I love texting Jacek. Because we are not the people who get upset over a period. Like the punctuation mark. A period. Did you know that certain people get upset over a period because they think it’s cold? There is no temperature to a period! That’s the point of a period! It’s emotion neutral! (Cele|bitchy) 

What a perfect way to kick off a long weekend, especially for those of us who love gross sh-t. As for those of you who are offended by our love of gross sh-t, well, it brings people together, OK? Friendships have been made over gross sh-t! Let us have our gross sh-t! (Mashable)