The UK premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder was last night. And the two highlights on that carpet, for me, were Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman. 


When I last posted about Tessa a week ago yesterday, it was about her setting the style standard. The outfits on this press tour for both Love and Thunder and Westworld have been next level. And Vogue agreed a few days later: 


She kept that energy in London – this is Oscar de la Renta that doesn’t give Oscar de la Renta, at least not in the way we’ve seen de la Renta over the years. Oscar de la Renta has never been edgy. So the shredded metal vibe isn’t typical to the label, although obviously the house is evolving and if that’s the case, what a great ambassador to have in Tessa to be showcasing this look. The dress itself is spectacular on her. But what’s even better is how it’s been styled. With thigh high boots instead of pumps or strappy sandals, the braids that become like part of the dress with all the strands, and that choker too. 

The choker can be a polarising accessory. We did it a lot in the 90s (for months I would walk around exclusively in a black velvet one) and some people don’t like how it cuts off the neck. On Tessa it’s exactly right. It amps up the spiky-ness of this look, and I love that it’s fabric and not jewellery so as not to compete with the metal in the dress. 


Tessa just keeps bringing it…and I wonder if that fashion attitude has transferred over to Natalie Portman who shared this on Instagram yesterday – now here’s a superhero style combination. 

Both are great on their own. Together they’re invincible. 


Next up: Natalie’s carpet look. A short, flirty red dress, not all that remarkable. But then the flower crown. And a red lip. And red cheeks. You know why I love it? Because she went for it. Because Natalie Portman is not usually this extra. Because usually you’d put her in the “less is more” column when it comes to personal style. But “more” is where she was living on the carpet last night… and why not? 

She’s Thor now, isn’t she? She’s holding the hammer? (This is in the trailer, don’t @ me.) You can’t roll with Valkyrie if you can’t get to her level. Natalie levelled up with Tessa. Which is why Chris Hemsworth was not needed at the premiere.