It’s been a year since Tessa Thompson showed up in this outfit and… well… I miss outfits. But that’s not why I love this outfit. I love this outfit on her because she’s not afraid of not playing safe. Those wide lapels. Those wide leg pants. I’m not a wide leg pants fan but this is about doing something different, about not looking like everybody else. And she doesn’t. Also there’s the Hamilton of it all. Or is it just me who sees it that way? (Go Fug Yourself) 


I love a McDonald’s drive-thru. Nothing makes me happier than going to the drive-thru for McDonald’s breakfast: sausage McMuffin, no egg, a hash brown, three packs of ketchup, and an orange juice. That’s been my McDonald’s breakfast order my whole life. My lunch or dinner order is a Filet O’Fish, a Big Mac, large fries, and a Coke. Sometimes I sub the Mac with a Quarter Pounder. If I’m trying to be healthy I’ll go for a McChicken, LOL. Once every ten visits or so, I’ll do the soft serve ice cream. I would do it more often but there’s a local soft serve in my neighbourhood that I support and try to go there to give them the business. But now… sh-t… I have a reason to go for soft serve at McDonald’s. So I can contribute to this website. (Dlisted) 

Did you watch Borat this weekend? I had a hard time with certain parts and I have complicated feelings about Sacha Baron Cohen’s “comedy” but there’s no denying Maria Bakalova’s performance in this movie and now there’s a campaign for her to be nominated for an Oscar. (Pajiba) 

Octavia Spencer turned 50 this year and she was going to take her friends to Hawaii FOR HER BIRTHDAY. Paid for it and everything. And then ending up eating the cost because, well, you know. So then Keanu Reeves wished her a happy birthday and I’m not sure if that made it all the way better but… it didn’t hurt. (Cele|bitchy) 

You know that sh-t is bleak, as Mimi would say, when a fight breaks out in a Crockpot online group. This is the best thing I’ve read all day – people were shaming others for not being as adept at Crockpotting, or something, and then someone stuck up for the inexperienced Crockpotters. Which I appreciate. Because I have been cooking-shamed a lot. And you know what? Not everybody f-cking grows up knowing what “colander” means. (I only learned this word in my 30s.) And not everyone has the right things to use in the kitchen. We had a guest on our show who laughed at me once for not knowing how to identify a rutabaga. Anyway, go and Crockpot in peace, everybody! If you have some extra time though can you tell me if I should get an instant pot? Maria just got one and I thought they were the same as Crockpots but I’ve only realised lately that they’re different. Do I need in instant pot? (The Cut)