This isn’t for everyone, I know. But Tessa Thompson has never pretended that she’s here to please everyone. And would there be any fun at all ever if fashion had no imagination? Her outfit isn’t even that much of an imagination stretch. 

Up top it’s a tie and a well-tailored jacket. Underneath is where it gets interesting – like a jumpsuit only the pants are split at the upper thigh and reconnected by straps, like garters. Which is not a new look if you consider the dress equivalent of how this works. We’ve seen so many sheer panel dresses where there’s a sheer stripe that runs across the skirt to show off the leg. Why not in a pant? That’s also why these pants aren’t tight. The effect is better if the pants fall the way a skirt might. It’s quirky and fun and fresh and the best part is she’s feeling it, the finishing touch of all great outfits.