There are a lot of things I love about this pantsuit on Tessa Thompson. First, this shade of champagne, or whatever you want to call it, is a great colour on her. Also, right now, I’m all about finding an all-sequin tuxedo for an upcoming event. So I’m really happy to see that they’re out there. 

Check out how this isn’t just an ordinary suit though. It’s cinched at the waist and then bloused at the back, giving her a silhouette that’s different from most of the tuxedos we’ve seen on the red carpet. I’m into it. 

But it’s too big. You can see it where the shoulders sit. At least an inch longer in the shoulder than it should be which then extends to the sleeves. 

As you know, I’m never mad at an oversize situation. But beading is heavy. It can pull. And when it pulls on something that’s already too large, the overall effect is that everything looks even more oversized.