Many of the men at the premiere of Book of Clarence wore white, including Jay-Z, LaKeith Stanfield, and James McAvoy. I wonder if they coordinated. My favourite, however, is an all-black one – on Teyana Taylor, of course. The bomber jacket is amazing, the pants fit her perfectly, and the silver accents are cool and unusual. (Go Fug Yourself)


Language is organic, always changing, hopefully progressing. And Andrew Scott has English language advice for media. Since I am a member of the media, I am taking this as advice for me, and I’m taking it and will try to follow it. (Celebitchy)

Mel B is getting married at St Paul’s Cathedral. And she is close to someone who just happens to be a fashion designer. Yes, Victoria Beckham will be designing the wedding dress. I’m actually surprised Mel revealed this in advance. (Harper's Bazaar)


Shawn Mendes, a Canadian, in his underwear in the snow. I’m Canadian too and never once have I been tempted to take my clothes off and run around in the snow. I know cold plunging is a thing and there are people who swear by the health benefits but … the pain! I could never get used to the pain that sets in, especially in your feet. Like I can barely stand it if the water isn’t warm enough in the shower. (OMG Blog)


So apparently there’s a new trendy hairstyle for the year is the “kitty cut” which, sorry, I but my eyes just rolled so hard that the back of my head is cramping. Because the “kitty cut” is just another way of saying layered bob, or a shaggy bob – but slap on a fresh name and you can convince yourself it’s a hairstyle that’s never been seen since two years ago. (Pop Sugar)