Well this a headline. And in my head I’m reading it like Bill Hader’s Stefon. This story has everything: an artist, an athlete, a porn star, a threesome, and a baby. How they’re all connected is the issue. Apparently the baby isn’t connected to the athlete. But I’m not sure if the other parts still happened? (Dlisted) 

A few weeks ago, Pretty in Pink was on. Have I mentioned this already? Sorry. 80s movies stay with me. It had been a while since I’d seen it and because of that, I still got those feelings in my stomach, like when Andie confronts Blaine in the hall and yells at him for being ashamed of her. I would wear everything she wears in the movie. Molly Ringwald, 80s teen icon, is comparing teens then to teens now. And she thinks teens now have it harder. Because there’s nowhere to hide. (Cele|bitchy) 

It’s Paris Haute Couture week. Here are shots from the Ralph & Russo collection. Remember when everyone was so convinced that Meghan Markle would be wearing that label at the wedding? They didn’t exactly discourage it. There are a lot of red carpet options here. Several, if not most, are totally Oscar safe. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Sarah’s been “I TOLD YOU EVERYONE” about Jason Mantzoukas for a while now. She saw him first. Here’s Kayleigh Donaldson’s piece on his “dirtbag appeal”. And part of it is the way he says “GEOSTORM”. Which, yes, was an actual movie that wasn’t very good but in a very good way. (Pajiba) 

Am I stupid because I’m not interpreting Cardi B’s IG story message as wanting to get back together with Offset. I’m reading it as she misses her baby? It’s very possible that I’m just not down with the real meanings behind captions? Not that anyone ever doubted this was going to happen. It was obvious that this would happen. The Cardi-Offset story was never going to be over, not yet. (TMZ) 

YESSSS! A profile of Liv Lo whose own profile is now rising. She says she likes to travel with four pairs of shoes. I mean, yes, exactly. You need the right shoes for the right outfit. So here’s my question – how do these people do this without checking their baggage? If you’re packing shoes to go with outfits, that’s at least three outfits. Plus toiletries. And other essentials. When I carryon, I’m two pairs of shoes max. Maybe my toiletries bag is too big. (The Cut)