I just realized what the Golden Globes was missing: Tracee Ellis Ross. Tracee can SHUT DOWN a red carpet. When Tracee shows up, I know more times than not that she’ll automatically be in the running for Best Dressed. Her consistency is something I always look forward to – it’s also something I take for granted. We didn’t get Tracee Ellis Ross’s consistency last night but we did get another consistent red carpet showstopper and underrated fave, Thandie Newton, channeling Tracee’s mom, Diana Ross. 

Thandie was THIS CLOSE to being my Best Dressed. She looked like a stunning 70s disco ball with a 2019 twist. She’s wearing Michael Kors. 

I’m sorry, who told Thandie she could go this hard? It’s like she knew she wasn’t going to win and so she wore this dress so we couldn’t ignore her. We’d HAVE to talk about Thandie in this dress. On Kate Hudson, I might not be as into this but Thandie is taking the cut-out trend from played out to sophisticated just by existing. The hair brings it over the edge for me. That is GREAT hair.

Thandie also wins Best Beauty for me. With a look as dramatic as silver sequins and big Diana Ross hair, it could be easy to overdo it. I love that she went smoky on the eyes and a neutral, subdued lip. 



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I’ll never take Thandie Newton’s consistency for granted again.