Thandie Newton wore a one-shoulder top and pants outfit to the Solo: A Star Wars Story photocall the other day that I had already decided would be the Outfit of the Week on, like, Tuesday. And the reason I love this on her so much is because it could have so easily gone Housewife of X City. With big hoop earrings and all kinds of chunky jewellery. Right? She kept the accessories light though. Which is why this looks so clean and fresh and gorgeous. 

But then… something even better came along. 

At the Cannes premiere, after the photo call, Thandie stepped out in a custom Vivienne Westwood gown…and the print was a tribute to the black characters of Star Wars, to highlight the fact that she is the first black female Star Wars lead. It’s a great statement, for starters. But it’s also great style in that, sometimes, theme dresses like this can go south real quick. This, though, is a statement and, well, it’s just a great style. The colours are beautifully complementary, I LOVE the 80s-ish hair choice, and the makeup is perfect. A lot of people would have gone with a bold lip here which would have been the wrong move. Excellent style decisions all around.