It took five seasons before the Emmys recognised Schitt’s Creek. It was after its sixth and final season when Schitt’s Creek won practically everything – best comedy series, all four comedy acting categories, writing and directing. So it was perhaps bittersweet last year when Schitt’s Creek dominated that it happened during the COVID Emmys, with people dispersed around the world, not all in the same ballroom, being honoured in front of their peers. Like, think about what Dan Levy achieved in 2020: he won Emmys for acting, writing, directing, and producing!


This year, then, for Dan, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, and Annie Murphy, it was a proper victory lap to return to the Emmys, this time among other industry power players, as presenters and of course they gave us one of the most memorable presenting bits, selling the sh-t out of the joke that the teleprompter wasn’t working because Eugene tried to f-ck with the writers who f-cked him back. 

In many ways, it still felt like a Schitt’s night, as Cedric the Entertainer shouted out Dan in his opening monologue for whatever he would be wearing, after Dan’s amazing fashion spectacle at the Met Gala, and he killed it again at the Emmys in Valentino monochrome blue, a suit that played with layers and lengths, one of the very, very best of the night.  


And everything is coming up Dan, as it was just announced a few days ago his new partnership with Netflix:  

It’s no wonder that there were so many cutaways of Dan last night – few people are as popular within the industry and in the culture as Dan right now.  

Dan, by the way, had a big hand in creating the Schitt’s Creek wardrobe, and while I’m not sure if Team Schitts’ outfits were the work of Dan last night, the colour wheel was clearly well represented, with him in blue, Annie in green, Eugene in black, and Catherine, spectacular Catherine, in red. This off-the-shoulder jumpsuit, or top and pants, with the train, it’s amazing, non? It’s the kind of outfit I call Practical Drama. Drama…but she can move!