Dear Gossips,

There are going to be all kinds of think-pieces today about whether or not the Grammys are still relevant and/or how they can stay or become relevant again going forward. There’s no easy answer to that question. But no one can deny that the talent has to be there. Much of the conversation today will be about which of the talent didn’t bother to show up and how that hurt the Grammy brand. What helped the Grammy brand were the newer artists who were there – like H.E.R. (just 21 years old!) and BTS and Chloe x Halle and Dua Lipa – and established artists like Brandi Carlile who, even though they’ve been around a while, are only getting a major profile boost now. Brandi is our site manager Emily’s fave, and she’s been waiting a long time for Brandi to have this moment. 

Kathleen’s taking the lead on Grammys coverage today while I’m handling the BAFTAs and the royal drama, and, oh yeah, Jennifer Aniston’s birthday party and that major VIP guest list, which is the guest list that the Oscars must be looking at all like… can that be us? 

So it’s going to be a heavy day on the site with posts spilling over at least a couple of pages. If you’re joining us late, please scroll down and flip through to the previous pages to get caught up. Please also check the LifeStyle page for quick hit fashion posts. Thanks for joining us! 

Yours in gossip,