The Big Snub

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The Golden Globes have always been much more interesting in how they recognise achievements in television. We’ll get to some of their TV nominations in a separate post. Where film is concerned, even though you think that with the drama and the musical/comedy categories separated, there’s still room for inclusion, and there’s a lot of room for f-ckery. Here’s some f-ckery: 

Ansel Elgort got nominated for Best Actor in a Musical/Comedy. 

Meanwhile The Big Sick was completely shut out. Completely shut out. 

Here are Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V Gordon, just this past Friday, at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s holiday party and Golden Globes 75th anniversary event. They were also at an HFPA event back in November. And another one back in August. Which, in its own twisted way, is kind of hilarious. That the thirstiest awards association and the one known for the most ass-kissing might be all like, sorry The Big Sick, you were too thirsty. We’re more into Ansel Elgort and his dance moves. And also, teen girls love him.

And everyone loves Hugh Jackman. Me too. I do. I love him. He’s the best and the nicest. But The Greatest Showman? It’s the only musical of the year, which is why it had to be included. On that note, I’ll leave it with this tweet: 


More thoughts on the Golden Globe nominations to come. 

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